Sunday, August 06, 2006


For everyone who has ever been the victim of incest or molestation as a child

May you know that you are beautiful
In spite of the ugliness that was inflicted on you
Don't let the one that did this to you win!
Don't punish yourself for their sick act
Don't hate yourself for their perversion
Don't cut your precious flesh
Don't despise your wounded soul
Don't bring yourself to an untimely end
As so many have before you
Because they couldn't stand the pain
Of the violation inflicted
Upon the innocent child that they were
Once you have been transgressed this way
You always feel soiled inside
And nothing can remove the stain
Not scrubbing your skin till it bleeds
Or drinking to purify the blight
Or stuffing your emotions back inside with too much food
Shooting up, smoking up or taking pills
What is it that can make us realize
That like a scar on the outside
The scars that others have inflicted on our psyches
May leave us less than perfect
But nonetheless still beautiful
Especially within the part of us that no violation can ever touch
Our eternal soul



Holly said...

Dear Cie,
Unique poem, very interesting. I personally wanted to let you know I am glad I stopped by to read it. Truly a very special poem in my heart. Take care Holly Desimone

Zya said...

Yeah I agree with Holly...

really glad I read it...

cheesemeister said...

Thanks to both of you!